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College Library

The College has a well equipped Library cum reading room. The college received Rs.63,333/- from U.G.C. in 2004-2005  for  developing library. The modern facilities like computer access, internet browsing are also available from library.



Rules Regulations of the Library
  • Compulsorily every student will have a library card
  • Library cards will be issued at the beginning of the session
  • A student will have to issue requisition slips to the librarian for the books(s) he/she wants.
  • Library card will have to be deposited at the time of borrowing books(s)
  • Library card will be returned only at the time of returning the borrowed books(s).
  • No Books can be retained for more than 7 days at a stretch
  • After 7 days a book may be re-issued only if there is no other demand for the book.
  • Before filling up application forms for appearing in part I, part-II, part-III final examination, the student must return their borrowed books and their other cards.
  • If a student loses or fails to return the library card, a fine of Rs.5/- may be charged of his/her for issue of a duplicate card
  • Keeping a book within self-possession for more then 15 days at a stretch will be liable to pay fine of 20 paise per day.
  • If a library card is lost by its holder and the lost card is used by any other students to borrow book(s), the original card-holder will be liable for the borrowed book(s).