Egra S S B College Provisional Merit list of this Year to view :

Rules& Regulation


  1. For admission to the college, students must apply to the principal of the college with specified form supported with necessary documents. If applications become granted, they may get admission to the college subject to submission of requisite fees
  2. Tuition fee for every month must be paid within 15th day of the month. A student who fails to pay a month’s tuition fee even after the month becomes over  will be liable to his / her name being struck off the role.
  3. Once a student’s name being struck of the role, he / she will have to pay half of the current admission fee for re-admission to the college.
  4. Students must attend all the tutorial classes held for them. They must appear for all the examinations prescribed for them.
  5. Students are expected to behave always in a responsible and decent manner. They should not do anything that can harm the interests of the college and tarnish its image..
  6. Students must obey the rules framed by the college Library and different Departments.
  7. Students must obey the rules / the orders / the instructions to be put in force by the college authority from time to time.
  8. Students shall be guilty of breach of discipline if they break any of the foregoing  rules or orders
  9. Students are advised to read carefully all the relevant notices to be walled up in the college notice board from time to time.
  10. Guardians are requested to be well aware of the progress of their wards in studies especially his or her attendance for lectures and results of different examinations.
  11. Students must keep the college campus always clean and tidy.
  12. Students must carry with them their identity card issued by the college and produce it on demand by the college authority.